Arezzo, Italy

Arezzo was one of the 12 most important Etruscan cities. It was conquered by the Romans in 311 BC. Today the city contains a beautiful assortment or Etrusan, Roman and Medieval buildings and artifacts.

The golden rays of the setting sun wrap themselves over the buildings surrounding Piazza Grande in Arezzo, Italy In Piazza Grande in Arezzo, Italy, the night brings upon glowing lights. A wooden door decorated by a flowering plant in Tuscany, Italy A clock and bell tower on the Lay Fraternity in Arezzo, Italy Children play in Piazza Grande in Arezzo, Italy The buildings of Piazza Grande aglow at dusk in Arezzo, Italy Park bench and street light in a park in Arezzo, Italy A street scene in Arezzo, Italy Park bench in Arezzo, Italy In Arezzo, Italy, the duomo glows in the late afternoon light. A patio and road off of Piazza Grande in Arezzo, Italy A bottega in Arezzo, Italy at dusk A pigeon is perched on a lantern in this small park in Arezzo. Buildings illuminted at night in Arezzo's Piazza Grande A wooden medieval door adorned with a tree in Arezzo, Italy