Rome, Italy

Green doors in Rome, Italy A fountin Rome, Italy fills a glass bottle Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II over the Tiber River A restaurant patio in Rome, Italy The Roman Coliseum lit up at night Roman architectural elements are shown in this photo of rooftops in Rome, Italy Pasta, meats and cheeses are on display at this small market shop in Rome, Italy The leftover wine and bread at a dinner table in Rome, Italy One of the many stray cats of Rome Architectural elements are displayed in this photo of buildings in Rome, Italy The Temple of Saturn towers above the Roman Forum A small display outside of a trattoria in Rome, Italy Several different rocks that comprise the Roman Coliseum A lone plant grows from the ruins of this brick building in the Roman Forum At night, the piazza surround the Roman Pantheon is filled with people dining, laughing and music The Ponte Sant'Angelo, under the light of the full moon, stretched across the Tiber River in Rome, Italy A ristorante  lit by the yellow street light of Rome, Italy The uneven cobblestone of Rome, Italy The entrance to Julius Caesar's house in the Roman Forum The Roman Pantheon illuminated by the setting sun The Neptune Fountain sits at one end of the Piazza Novana in Rome, Italy The Italian Flag flies in front of the Monument di Vittorio II A children's carousel in Piazza Navona A holiday tree in Rome, Italy A bicycle carrying a Christmas tree in Rome, Italy Garlic displayed in Campo di Fiori in Rome, Italy Autumn produce displayed in Campo di Fiori, Rome, Italy Ponte Sant'Angelo, a bridge in Rome, Italy that stretches over the Tiber River