Nature Photography

Red and green ivy leaves covering a shed wall A tree truck with red, autumn leaves A waterfall in Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver, Canada Pink and yellow leaves adorn this branch during the autumn months Red leaves and red berries hang from a branch off of this autumn bush The branches of a tree on a foggy morning Autumn ivy winding itself trees in Tuscany A fallen leave sits on the rocks of a wonderful. Black olives grow on a tree winter pine needles and berries The sunsets through these poplar trees in rural Manitoba. Green and black olives grow in Tuscany Italy Forest path in Great Garden in Dresden, Germany Autumn foliage on display in VanDusen Gardens in Vancouver, Canada Rainy Maple Leaf Red and Yellow Maple Leaves on Rainy Window Hay on the prairies in Alberta Water running over rocks in a fountain Rainy Window Maple Leaves Autumn Maple Leaves in the Rain Falled leaves surround the base of a tree Terra cotta columns wrapped with autumn vines on a terrace in Tuscany. Autumn maple leaves on a rainy window A plant ground from a stone wall in San Marino Autumn pumpkins and gourds piled in Verona A potted plant in a brick and stone wall in Montefioralle, Italy A medieval, stone wall with plants growing from it in San Marino A sun sets over hills in Tuscany, Italy A dramatic winter sky over the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. A path winds along a river by the Blarney Castle during the winter. Black olives ripen on a tree in Tuscany, Italy. Moss grows from a rock wall in Galway, Ireland. A wooden boardwalk through a forested area of Blarney Castle. Water falls over a rocky ledge in Ireland. Stone stairs in the fern garden of Blarney Castle. A small creek and stone tower on the grounds of the Blarney Castle in Ireland. A waterfall on the grounds of the Blarney Castle during the winter months. A small waterfall in Ireland. The Fern Garden at the Blarney Castle in Ireland. An entrance to the grounds of the Blarney Castle in Ireland. A path through the woods of the Blarney Castle during the winter. Along the River Walk on the grounds of the Blarney Castle in Ireland. The Arch Rock at the Valley of Fire Nevada State Park Winter blankets itself over a park in Sofia, Bulgaria A small waterfall behind the city walls of Brasov, Transylvania in Romania. A winter sunset in Bulgaria