Miscellaneous Images

A ballerina dancing under the super moon in front of the Vancouver skyline and harbour A dancer performs before a large crowd in Vancouver, Canada A dancer posing at an event in the park. Sunglasses, glass of wine and a wine bottle An illuminated devil is painted on a wall in Bologna, Italy A painted door in Bologna, Italy Rainbow scarf at Vancouver's Pride Parade Two old train cars in Emilia Romagna, Italy Two rusted train cars coupled. A glass of champagne in the light of the setting sun A wooden playhouse with blue rubber boots out front A statue of the Italian character Pulcinella in Montepulciano, Italy. Yellow admit one tickets for a film festival Celtic Cross headstones in a graveyard in Galway, Ireland. An old, wooden wagon in Montepulciano, Italy A cemetery in Galway, Ireland A wooden sign warns of a sleeping giant in Ireland. An ornately painted wooden wagon in ireland. The sunsets through these poplar trees in rural Manitoba. Celtic Cross headstones at the Rock of Cashel in Ireland. A stone doorway leads to the Blarney Castle in Ireland. Bright, colorful umbrellas A winter sunset over the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Evening on the Thames river, illuminated by the Tower Bridge in London