Rovinj / Rovigno, Croatia

Seagull at sunset perched on a sailting boat Sunset glow on the stari grad of Rovinj, Croatia Sun beams break through storm clouds at sunset, illuminating a bird in flight A stone street in the historical centre of Rovigno, Croatia The old town and harbour of Rovinj sparkle under the morning sun. Summer blues in Rovigno, Croatia Stone street in Rovinj, Croatia Entrance to the stari grad in Rovinj, Croatia The bold colors of Rovinj in the summer Summer in Rovinj, Croatia The old town of Rovinj adorns the Adriatic Sea. Pinks and purples glow from the setting sun in Rovigno, Croatia A characteristic street in Rovigno, Croatia Light from the setting sun shines through storm clouds over a tall ship on the Adriatic Sea