Seasons: Autumn

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I feel more inspired in the autumn months, when the trees are alive with color, there is the crunch of leaves under the foot and a freshness to the air. The light in the fall tends to be a bit more golden, especially when coming out of the bright summer.

Parco di Villa Angeletti in Bologna in Autumn A fountain during the autumn in Bologna, Italy Bicyclists ride under autumn trees Parma, Italy during the season of autumn Produce displayed in Campo di Fiori in Rome, Italy Squash, nuts and other autumn produce at a market in Rome, Italy Autumn leaves in front of a waterfall in Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver, Canada A Thanksgiving tea service Sunflowers, pumpkins, gourds and apples in a wicker basket Terra cotta columns wrapped with autumn vines on a terrace in Tuscany. Red and yellow maple leaves on a rainy window A park bench during the autumn in Parma, Italy Autumn in Parm, Italy Symbols of autumn - sunflower, pumpkin and corn The bounties of autumn displayed in a wicker basket Parma, Italy in the autumn The autumn-draped grounds of an acetaia in Modena, Italy Park bench littered with autumn leaves Canadian maple leaves on a rainy window Red leaves and red berries hang from a branch off of this autumn bush Black-eyed susans during an autumn bloom Autumn leaves adorn a fountain in Ljubljana, Slovenia Red autumn vine wrapped around the bark of a tree trunk Autumn leaves Autumn maple leaves on a rainy window Autumn in a park in Ljubljana, Slovenia Red and green autumn ivy clings to a stone wall Pink and yellow leaves adorn this branch during the autumn months Autumn park bench in Arezzo, Italy. Autumn flowers, red and yellow A harbour sits in front of Stanley Park in the autumn in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Autumn maple leaves in the rain A rainy window with autumn maple leaves A wooden bench is covered with fallen autumn leaves in Vancouver, Canada Autumn ivy draped over a rock wall in Tuscany Leaf covered playground swing during the autumn in Bucine, Italy. Autumn red leaves on tree bark A yellow autumn maple leaf on a rainy window Autumn maple leaf on a rainy window The colorful trees of autumn are reflected in the waters lining Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC A rainy window covered in autumn maple leaves Autumn maple leaves Autumn maple leaves Parma, Italy in the Autumn Garlic displayed in Campo di Fiori in Rome, Italy Falled leaves surround the base of a tree Happy Thanksgiving - A Thanksgiving Day Greeting Card A fallen leave sits on the rocks of a wonderful. Autumn in Giardini Margherita Autumn foliage in a park in Emilia Romagna, Italy Autumn Tea Service - a silver tray decorated with an antique teapot, china teacup, pumpkin, sunflowers and leaves. Autumn pumpkins and gourds piled in Verona Autumn decorated stairs in Cortona, Italy Autumn-tinged ivy on a wooden shed in Tuscany A table and chairs ready for afternoon wine on a Tuscan, autumn afternoon. A small waterfall behind the city walls of Brasov, Transylvania in Romania. Sunflowers A walkway running through a park during the autumn in Bucharest, Romania A farmhouse outside of Bucine, Italy in the autumn. Autumn in the town of Brasov, found in the Transylvania region of Romania. Ivy wrapped around a fence in the autumn months