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A yellow, stone wall hosts a turquoise-potted plant. A yellow stone wall with a rounded, aqua plant pot. A stone wall with wooden shuttered window and plants potted in blue, clay pots. A chair on the beach overlooks the Aegean sea in Greece. Turquoise-colored waves crash under dark storm clouds in Chania, Greece. An abandoned balcony with broken wooden shutters and windows. Potted plants and a stone wall provide a hiding space for a ginger-colored cat. A blue, plant pot stands out against a yellow wall. Bold yellows and blues on a wall with double, wooden doors and windows. A stone wall, wooden shutters over windows and teal-colored potted plants. An old, wooden door is flanked by an antique, clay pot and a tree. An old wall, painted yellow, offsets a teal-colored entrance. An arch-covered walkway winds past residential home entrances. A colorful entrance to homes in Rome, Italy during the winter A clay wall pot holds flowers and plants in Rome, Italy On the winter evening, Niagara Falls glows blue Overlooking Athens, Greece A lamp post decorated with cedar bows and ribbon for the Christmas season A wreath encircles a lamp post during the holiday season. A window in a stone wall overlooks the Aegean Sea on the island of Crete Evening falls over the Venetian Harbour in Chania, Greece A snowy park is adorned with wreaths in Oakville, Ontario The Venetian Lighthouse has been guiding ships and boats since the 16th century in Chania, Crete. A blue bench overlooks the Aegean Sea in Kissamos, Crete The old fishing port in Kissamos, Greece is lined with fishing boats. A Greek Orthodox Church stands out against the blue, winter sky by the port in Kissamos, Crete An old-fashioned clock against a yellow wall The peeling, green paint of old window shutters stand out against the black and white image. A blue bench provides a place to watch the waves roll in in Kissamos, Greece Architectural detail of a building in Chania, Greece The cathedral in Novi Sad, Serbia The Timisoara cathedral peeks over the autumn-tinged trees that line the river. St. George Roman Catholic Dome in Timisoara, Sibiu The morning sun illuminates a fountain that stands before the Orthodox cathedral in Timisoara, Romania The cathedral in Sibiu, Romania Architectural details in Unity Square in Timisoara, Romania Buildings and patios lining Unity Square in Timisoara, Romania A blue bicycle carries a wicker basket filled with a geranium plant A wicker basket containing plants and flowers overflowing over the front wheel of a blue bicycle A small patio in front of the cathedral in Sibiu, Romania Statues displayed in front of Brasov Town Hall in Transylvania, Romania The early evening glow in Grand Square in Sibiu, Romania Transylvanian architecture lines Council Square in Brasov, Romania Turquoise paint peels and cracks on this wooden door in Brasov, Romania The Brasov Council Square found in the Transylvania region of Romania. A small waterfall behind the city walls of Brasov, Transylvania in Romania. A blue painted door stands out on this house found in the Village Museum in Bucharest, Romania An orange-painted bicycle handles and wheel Autumn in the town of Brasov, found in the Transylvania region of Romania. Striped and colorful hanging umbrellas provide a canopy in Bucharest, Romania A home in the Village Museum in Bucharest, Romania An old wooden shutter on a stone shed found in the Village Museum in Bucharest, Romania. Wooden bucket sits atop a well in Bucharest, Romania An old-fashioned merry-go-round found in the Village Museum in Bucharest, Romania. A wooden and stone well in Bucharest's Village Museum in Romania. A walkway running through a park during the autumn in Bucharest, Romania The Great Square in Sibiu, Romania The Council Tower in Sibiu, Romania