Split, Croatia Waves crash against the Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia The Riva in Trogir, Croatia A street in Trogir, Croatia View of the Adriatic sea through the windows of the Roman arena in Pula, Croatia A park in Zagreb, Croatia during the summer The Croatian National Theatre in Split, Croatia A street in the old palace in Split, Croatia Colorful umbrellas in Split, Croatia Dusk settles over Dubrovnik, Croatia A patio in Split, Croatia Bright, colorful umbrellas The Riva in Trogir, Croatia St Lawrence Fortress in Dubrovnik, Croatia The clock in Dubrovnik Pile neighborhood in Dubrovnik, Croatia Dubrovnik, Croatia Split, Croatia A stone dock juts into the Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik, Croatia Split, Croatia Colorful kayaks in the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea A cat nap on a moped in Split, Croatia Saint Blaise's Church in Dubrovnik, Croatia Overlooking Zagreb in the late summer. A canon at the castle in Varazdin, Croatia A summer view of Dubrovnik, Croatia Festival decorations in Varazdin, Croatia, including an upside down cartoon-style chicken A rusted clocked on a stone wall A pedestrian street in Varazdin, Croatia decorated with the wares of local merchants A red-framed window overgrown with ivy Licitar are traditional biscuits from Zagreb, Croatia A patio in Split, Croatia