Emilia Romagna, Italy

Wooden shutters borded up on a shed in Italy A running water fountain during the autumn in Parma, Italy. An autumn display of bottles of wine and maise. Wooden crates of apples during the autumn months A portico in Modena shines with reds, yellows and oranges A window in Modena, Italy adorned with an Italian flag. An autumn scene in a park in Bologna, Italy The sun filters through a portico in Modena, Italy Clouds look like fire in the sky illuminated by the setting sun in Bologna, Italy A small dirt roadway during the autumn in Brisighella, Italy. Ceramics in Faenza, Italy A small residential street in Brisighella, Italy Stone architectural details on a house in Italy. Cattedrale di San Pietro Apostolo – the duomo in Faenza, Italy.Cattedrale di San Pietro Apostolo, the duomo in Faenza, Italy. Wooden shutters on a window at an acetaia in Modena, Italy The autumn-draped grounds of an acetaia in Modena, Italy A street in Parma, Italy with plants, doors and bicycles A street light in Parma, Italy is adorned with flowers and locks A restaurant patio during the early autumn in Brisighella, Italy A casa sign in Trevarsetolo, Italy The entrance of a pink church in Emilia Romagna, Italy