Windows & Doors Photography

I love the in-between spaces like windows and doors, especially when they have a unique characteristic, like shutters, peeling paint, decorations or an interesting architectural design.

A store entrance in Copenhagen, Denmark A wooden door decorated by a flowering plant in Tuscany, Italy A wooden door at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland Ornate window, lantern and bicycle on a yellow wall in Parma, Italy Red, peeling paint with a rusty hinge on a wooden door Red shutters adorn these arched windows on an apartment building in Siena, Italy The rusted handle and lock on a red door A building in Siena, Italy with a red shuttered window and peeling paint The vibrant colors of Neals Yard in London, England Windows painted bright green and blue in London, UK Glass window of a church in Galway, Ireland Entrance to an old stone church in Galway, Ireland Palazzo del Governatore in Parma, Italy A yellow, residential building in Parma A green door and beer kegs in Dublin, Ireland Wooden doors on a church in Dublin, Ireland A barred window on a textured wall in Viareggio, Italy Wall with shuttered windows in Florence, Italy Verona, Italy A wooden door on a stone building with autumn ivy hanging down Verona, Italy Verona, Italy A side entrance to the Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington Two joined buildings in Florence, Italy A window on a black bricked wall in Florence, Italy A barred window in the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy A door and windows on a building in the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy Autumn flower boxes hang on a colorful window in Florence, Italy Windows on a church in Florence, ItalyA window in Arezzo, ItalyA rusty hinge on an old shed door A stone house in Tuscany. A wooden door on a Tuscan home decorated by a lantern and flower pot Decorative windows on the back of the Pitti Palazzo A window is reflected in the mirror of a moped A window with pottery on display The small, round handle of a white door Turquoise window shudder on a yellow building Windows and a steeple top this wing of the St. Ann's Academy in Victoria, BC A wall in Venice, Italy The artful peeling of red paint on the door. An apartment building in Venice, Italy A red door on a yellow wall on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada Rusty lock on a door with red peeling paint The romanesque facade of Basilica di San Francesco in Bologna, Italy. The entry way of this church in Bologna, Italy features original Roman marble and an inscription to Caesar A door stands at the end of this portico in Bologna, Italy. Plants and color welcome people to the entrance of this apartment building in Bologna, Italy An old door and rusted fence in Bologna, Italy A wooden playhouse with blue rubber boots out front Sunset reflections in the windows of an old train car in Emilia Romagna, Italy Store fronts on Portebello Road in London, England Mixed textures in San Marino Cortona, Italy A wooden door on an old stone home in Tuscany An entry way in Tuscany Wooden shutters on a window at an acetaia in Modena, Italy Green doors in Rome, Italy Autumn ivy crawls of a turquoise shed door A restaurant patio in London, UK A vintage dress shop along Portebello Road in London A wooden medieval door adorned with a tree in Arezzo, Italy A wooden door is adorned with a crawling vine in Cortona, Italy A white-washed wooden door in Tuscany, italy An old stone street bends around a corner in Montepulciano, Italy. In Montepulciano, Italy an entrance is decorated with plants, flowers and a Bulgarian flag sticker A medieval, stone building with a wooden door and potted plants in Montepulciano, Italy. A small restaurant patio in Piazza dei Signori in Verona, Italy The entrances to a home in Tuscany, Italy A stone wall and wooden door in Montefioralle, Italy A colorful entrance in Tuscany, Italy An old wooden door provides entrance to the Farneta Abbey close to Cortona, Italy A thousand year old stained glass window in a Tuscan abbey. Blue doors in Dublin, Ireland A Christmas wreath on a door in Dublin, Ireland Geraniums planted in a black kettle on a window sill. The entrance to an old stone country home in Ireland. The entrance to the Malahide Castle north of Dublin, Ireland. The back entrance to a pub in Galway Ireland. A window in the main building of the National University of Ireland in Galway during the winter A yellow door in Galway, Ireland Arched entrances of the Rock of Cashel in Ireland. A painted entrance to a building in Galway, Ireland A winter sky viewed through a stone tower of the Blarney Castle. A wooden door of a stone house on the grounds of the Blarney Castle. Windows of the Blarney Woollen Mills Hotel in the winter. A window in a stone tower of the Blarney Castle during the winter. A winter welcome at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Church in Sofia, Bulgaria Icicles hang from the windows of a church in Bulgaria A single shutter covers a window in Pula, Croatia Summer plants adorn a window in Pula, Croatia Pula, Croatia A pretty, shuttered window adorned with potted flowers in Pula, Croatia A yellow residential building in Sofia, Bulgaria Summer blues in Rovigno, Croatia Snow and icicles over a church window A worn window in Pula, Croatia A red-framed window overgrown with ivy A window in a stone wall overlooks the Aegean Sea on the island of Crete