Tuscany, Italy

The Toscana region of Italy is populated with vineyards, olive groves, cyprus trees, sunflowers and some of the most beautiful cities and towns in Italy.

An antiques store in Arezzo, Italy Weathered stairs in Arezzo, Italy Autumn ivy winding itself trees in Tuscany The tuscan countryside as seen from a park in Arezzo, Italy A rock wall in Arezzo, Italy Tuscan countryside outside of Bucines, Italy Autumn ivy draped over a rock wall in Tuscany Barred window on a brick window Park bench surrounded by autumn leaves in Arezzo, Italy Tuscan dirt road surrounded by vineyards and olive groves An old stone house and well in Tuscany. Autumn in Tuscany, just outside of Bucine, Italy A tuscan farmhouse outside of Sieci, Italy. A bicycle and wooden crates adorn this Italian shop front Autumn grape leaves and fruit in Tuscany. Arched windows, red shutters and  peeling paint give this building charm in Siena, Italy The Arno river surrounded by Tuscan autumn foliage A wooden door on a stone wall is decorated by the hanging autumn ivy An entry way in Tuscany The Florence Duomo lit by the light of the setting sun. A Tuscan farm outside of Sieci in Italy. Apartment buildings reflected in the Arno river in Italy. Autumn trees and a wooden fence line this Tuscan road in Bucine, Italy. A small commuter train travels through the Tuscan countryside. The light of the setting sun illuminates this vineyard in Italy. A stone house sits in front of an olive grove in Tuscany. Rows of grape vines are tinged with the colors of autumn. A gourmet food shop in Florence, Italy is decorated by a bicycle and various goods. A tuscan stone house in Italy. A stone building on a hill overlooking Tuscany A white-washed wooden door in Tuscany, italy A wall outside of a vineyward in Tuscany Green and black olives grow in Tuscany Italy A medieval tether ring for horses Terra cotta columns wrapped with autumn vines on a terrace in Tuscany. The entrances to a home in Tuscany, Italy A table and chairs ready for afternoon wine on a Tuscan, autumn afternoon. A rusted bell welcomes visitors in Tuscany, Italy Old church bells in Toscana during the autumn months. The golden hills of Tuscany roll through the autumn fog and colors.. The Tuscan home is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The crypt in the basement of the Farneta Abbey close to Cortona, Italy. Overlooking the Tuscan hills, a terrace glows undering the autumn, afternoon sun. Black olives ripen on a tree in Tuscany, Italy. Farmland scattered over Tuscan hills. A sun sets over hills in Tuscany, Italy A colorful entrance in Tuscany, Italy An old wooden door provides entrance to the Farneta Abbey close to Cortona, Italy A stone shed with a wooden door stands before the hills of Tuscany, Italy A road winds through Tuscan vineyards in the autumn. A thousand year old stained glass window in a Tuscan abbey. Rolling green hills in Tuscany in the autumn. After the harvest in Tuscany. Autumn in the Tuscan countryside. The Tuscan countryside is adorned with sheep grazing and olive groves.