City Parks Photography

City parks are an integral part of any town. My favorite icons of city parks are park benches and street lamps. As you can see from the photographs below, I tend to visit parks more often with my camera in the autumn months, the time of year that I am most inspired.

A fountain in a park in Parma, Italy in the autumn In Parma, Italy a bench is covered with autumn leaves The colorful trees of autumn are reflected in the waters lining Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC Flower stall in Florence, Italy during the autumn Robins taking a winter bath in Vancouver, BC, Canada Park benches and lamp posts overlooking Coal Harbour in Vancouver, BC, Canada Rocks are visible only during low tide at English Bay in Vancouver, Canada Autumn park bench in Arezzo, Italy. Park bench and street light in a park in Arezzo, Italy. A harbour sits in front of Stanley Park in the autumn in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Forest path in Great Garden in Dresden, Germany A tree catching the rays of the setting sun at English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia is lined by the seawall and surrounding park Long shadows across the trees in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada during the autumn Park bench in Arezzo, Italy Pigeon sitting on a lantern in Arezzo, Italy A rock wall in Arezzo, Italy A stone retaining wall is covered with vines in Vancouver, BC, Canada Leaf covered playground swing during the autumn in Bucine, Italy. Autumn park bench surrounded by fallen leaves. A Stanley Park bench surrounded by winter snow in Vancouver, BC, Canada A wooden bench is covered with fallen autumn leaves in Vancouver, Canada A wrought-iron and wooden bench in Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada A fountain in Coal Harbour in Vancouver, British Columbia Park benches in Stanley Park Flower stall surrounded by fallen leaves during the autumn in Florence, Italy. A tree stands between Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver during the late spring months A mallard duck resting on a log in a pond A park in Bologna, Italy A park in Bologna, Italy A park in Bolzano/Bozen, Italy Autumn in a park in Parma, Italy Yellow and Red Benches at SFU on Burnaby Mountain Falled leaves surround the base of a tree Joggers in Bologna Italy during the autumn months. A fountain during the autumn in Bologna, Italy Autumn foliage in a park in Emilia Romagna, Italy A gated entrance to a small park in Cork, Ireland. Winter finds itself in Sofia, Bulgaria. Autumn in a park in Ljubljana, Slovenia A walkway running through a park during the autumn in Bucharest, Romania A wintery scene in Sofia, Bulgaria Autumn in Giardini Margherita