Bicycles & Mopeds

Store fronts on Portebello Road in London, England A pink bicycle with a basket full of pink and purple flowers A yellow bicycle at a beach on Vancouver Island A white bicycle with a basket filled with produce in Budva, Montenegro Green bicycle in Verona, Italy Bicycle in Vancouver, Canada A vespa and wooden door in Parma, Italy A bicycle outside of a pub in Dublin, Ireland A bicycle outsite of a gourmet food market in Florence Italy A bicycle carrying leeks in Florence, Italy Bicycles in Emilia Romagna, Italy A bicycle is displayed outside of a clothing storm in Parma, Italy Mopeds are a popular mode of transportation in Florence, Italy Flowers decorate a bicycle in Vancouver, British Columbia Autumn in Cortona, Italy A red bicycle in Bolzano, Italy A purple bicycle in Parma, Italy A bicycle carrying a Christmas tree in Rome, Italy A bicycle in Piran, Slovenia An English pub in London, United Kingdom Plants, a bicycle, lanterns and other objects litter a street in Cortona, Italy Ornate window, lantern and bicycle on a yellow wall in Parma, Italy A lighthouse and bicycle in Izola, Slovenia A bicycle in Ljubljana, Slovenia Summer blues in Rovigno, Croatia A bicycle parked under a portico in Modena, Italy Bicyclists ride under autumn trees