The Hungarian flag a top a red, green and white flagstaff A small patio and shops during the summer in Szentendre, Hungary Yellow umbrellas provide protection from the bright sun. In the summer, this entrance is shaded by greenery in Szentendre, Hungary Summer in Szentendre, Hungary A black and white image of a narrow walkway in Szentendre, Hungary A town square in Szentendre, Hungary The Hungarian Parliament building glows in the waters of the Danube River during the evening in Budapest A lavender purple bicycle in Szentendre, Hungary An evening view of Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest, Hungary Residential shapes and details on a home in Szentendre, Hungary Tapolca main square in Hungary The red, green and white of the Hungarian Flag stands out against the grey background of this photograph A bicycle and stone stairway in Szentendre, Hungary A square in Keszthely, Hungary Festetics Palace and gardens in Keszthely, Hungary The pond in Tapolca, Hungary sparkles under the summer sun An antique door handle on a wooden door Summer at the Festetics Palace in Keszthely, Hungary A town square in Keszthely, Hungary A worn yellow wall in Szentendre, Hungary A shop selling traditional embroidered fabrics in Szentendre, Hungary A fish head water fountain in Szentendre, Hungary Galleries and shops on a colorful street in Szentendre, Hungary An old-fashioned red bicycle with a wicker basket A church and cemetery in Tapolca, Hungary A red train appears to be emerging from a brick building in Tapolca, Hungary A white park bench on a path leading to the Festetics Palace in Keszthely, Hungary The Cave Church in Budapest, Hungary People at Budapest's City Park enjoy the pond from row boats in Hungary. A small park in Budapest is illuminated gold by the light of the setting sun An entrance to the Hungarian Parliament building is guarded by a stone lion A stone shoe filled with flowers, representing the victims of the Holocaust in Budapest, Hungary