Carnival Photography

Carnivals or fairs are one of my favorite places to photograph - the lights, the colors, the movement make for a fun day with my camera! Most of these photographs were taken at Playland at Vancouver's PNE.

Carnival rides, including the swings, at Vancouver's PNE and Playland A spinning carnival ride A neon sign over a candy apple kiosk at a carnival Cotton candy and candy apples advertised on a neon sign at a carnival A ferris wheel in motion at night Carnival prizes displayed at a balloon popping game at a fair The ferris wheel at Playland in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Whack-a-Mole carnival game Carnival swings stand before a wooden roller coaster at a carnival Carnival swings in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Venitian Carnival masks on display for sale Dancing puppet street performance in Bologna, Italy Balloon game at Richmond Night Market A vendor selling cottton candy in Bologna, Italy An old-fashioned merry-go-round found in the Village Museum in Bucharest, Romania. A Whac-A-Mole game at a carnival A children's carousel set up for a Christmas Market in Rome, Italy Roll a Ball carnival game