Country Life Photography

A tuscan farmhouse outside of Sieci, Italy. Autumn in Tuscany, just outside of Bucine, Italy. A farm building on the grounds of the Bunratty Castle grounds in Ireland. An old stone home in Ireland. Icons of the Canadian Prairies include haybales, fields and trains An old stone house and well in the tuscan countryside, just outside of Sieci, Italy. Tuscan hills and a vineyard in the light of the setting sun in Italy. Alberta haybales in the Canadian prairies A farmhouse outside of Bucine, Italy in the autumn. A stone house sits before an olive grove in Sieci, Italy. A tuscan stone house in Italy. A tuscan stone farmhouse in Italy. A dirt road cutting through tuscan vineyards and olive groves outside of Sieci, Italy. A vineyard in autumn in Tuscany, Italy. A farm on the outskirts of Delta, British Columbia in Canada. Silos, haybales and a train cutting through the prairie in Alberta Countryside surrounding Bolzano/Bozen, Italy Wheat fields in Alberta, Canada Autumn countryside road in Bucine, Italy Countryside surrounding Bolzano/Bozen, Italy Farm house in British Columbia, Canada A red barn in British Columbia, Canada A horse on a farm in Alberta, Canada Tall grass against rusty, old farm equipment A country mail box in British Columbia, Canada White poplar trees in rural, southern Manitoba during the autumn months The autumn-draped grounds of an acetaia in Modena, Italy A stone building on a hill overlooking Tuscany The Tuscan countryside is adorned with sheep grazing and olive groves. A wall outside of a vineyward in Tuscany A dilapidated building on a hill in Marche, Italy After the harvest in Tuscany. Autumn in the Tuscan countryside. A rusted bell welcomes visitors in Tuscany, Italy The Tuscan home is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. A wooden and stone well in Bucharest's Village Museum in Romania. A stone shed with a wooden door stands before the hills of Tuscany, Italy Old church bells in Toscana during the autumn months.